Visual Studio

Visual Studio

by George Frias
Created: 2021-03-17 | Updated: 2021-03-31

info.png This page only supports the Community version of Visual Studio.
  1. Introduction - General information about Visual Studio.
  2. All environments - Things for computer programming and backend programming.
  3. Computer programming - Software allowing more to be done in computer programming.


Visual Studio
1 Visual Studio -
2 Visual Studio Community link-internet.png

All environments

Add New File Add new files to any project. - link-internet.png
Spell Checker Solid spell checking. - link-internet.png

Computer programming

This section supports WPF programming.

HTML Help Workshop The version on this page is the only location where you will find it. - link-internet.png
WiX Toolset Framework that runs on top of the Windows installer technology. - link-internet.png
NAudio Play sound without the need of Windows Media technology. - link-internet.png
Web Administration Control IIS with this package. (Microsoft.Web.Administration) - link-internet.png
WPF Animated GIF Display animated GIFs in your WPF software. - link-internet.png