Cross-platform app

Cross-platform app

by George Frias
Created: 2021-04-03 | Updated: 2021-04-05

info.png Software to run on Windows and iOS.


The software in cross-platform app differs from apps like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code in that I use the apps on my iPad and Desktop together. I use the apps to tell my self what to do while in other platforms, so when I'm on a computer I leave stuff to do on an iPad and when I'm on an iPad I leave things to do for a computer. That's how I use Microsoft To Do.

OneNote and Joplin are for my next attempt at creative writing. Time will tell if I write on a tablet, I'm set on animation at the moment.


Cross-platform app
1 To Do - link-internet.png
2 OneNote - link-internet.png
3 Joplin - link-internet.png