Project: 1. Anchor, 2. Deferment, 3. Displays


by George Frias
Created: 2020-12-17 | Updated: 2021-03-08

info.png Frontend programming (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  1. Introduction - Includes the location(s) in a blue box.
  2. Anchor Project - Version 1 of anchor.js belongs to Anchor Project.
  3. Deferment Project - Version 2 of anchor.js belongs to Anchor Project.
  4. Displays Project - Version 3 of anchor.js belongs to Anchor Project.



Awwshop creates all HTML pages as index.html, there are two reasons for this. The first and most important reason being that you can type in the address without the index.html in it, the second reason is that you can change backend programming languages, or even switch from frontend to backend, and your visitors and links will never know the difference. It's a similar idea as the reason all images go in /image/, if you were to serve all images from one server, the images would already be prepared for it.

General information
Manifest link-internet.png

Because more than one project uses this file name, I decided that the file will be a three part version and the left number will be associated with a project. Examples for Anchor Project are 1.0.0, 1.22.911, and so on.

Anchor Project

index.html (Anchor Project)
1.0.1 link-internet.png

Deferment Project

index.html (Deferment Project)
2.0.0 link-internet.png

Displays Project

index.html (Displays Project)
3.0.0 link-internet.png