by George Frias
Created: 2020-06-19 | Updated: 2021-05-18

info.png This page was created and is maintained with the intention to eat healthy.


This page supports my long term health by informing how to avoid preventable chronic disease, and that's done by containing my course notes. It's also the location for all of my nutrition related things including pointing to my printouts, calculators, and software.

I expect this page to positively affect my health for the rest of my life.

If all you do is print the Stanford Introduction to Food and Health booklet, that's all you need to better your long term health.

Lists curated for nutrition

The lists spawn from the attainment of knowledge from education.

List name & description Created PDF Updated
1 Regular diet - Figuring out when and what macronutrients to eat. 2020-06-28 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
2 My stepwise action plan - Strategy for long term health. 2020-07-06 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
3 Food substitutions - Healthy replacement foods for a regular diet. 2020-06-26 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
4 Glycemic index - GI information and lists of foods with low and high GI values. 2020-06-25 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
5 Shocking facts - Unforgettable revelations. 2020-06-28 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
6 Dietary Reference Intake - Recommended dietary intake. 2020-07-17 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
7 My super foods - Foods that do more. 2020-06-26 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
8 Fiber foods - Foods that are high in fiber. 2020-07-08 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
9 Smoke points - The burning temperatures of oil. 2020-07-14 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
10 Gluten free foods - Foods that are naturally gluten free. 2020-07-15 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
11 Toxic ingredients - Ingredients that are known to result in preventable disease. 2020-07-15 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
info.png The order of importance is a personal reflection.

Tools I created that work for nutrition

Tool (for nutrition) name Function Tool type Product
Blood Sugar Monitoring Form 1 (2011) Tracking Software Printouts
Blood Sugar Monitoring Form 2 (2012) Tracking Software Printouts
BMI calculator (2011) Tracking Web calculator Text results
BMR calculator (2011) Tracking Web calculator Text results
Calendar Express (2016) Tracking Software Printouts
HR calculator (2011) Tracking Web calculator Text results
Resources for custom booklets Tracking File Printouts
info.png Software is for Windows 10 and is made by Awwshop.

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

This course is presented as a booklet.

Enroll date: 2020-06-17
Start date: 2020-06-29
End date: 2020-08-09
Grade: 96%
Certificate: Coursera

Booklet section Description Created Notes Updated
1 Cover The first page of the course booklet. 2020-07-07 file-png.png 2020-07-07
2 Booklets What I produce for learning. 2020-07-09 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
3 Instruction Information about the course. 2020-07-08 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
4 Table of content Includes info before the TOC to show what has been learned. 2020-07-07 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
5 Week 1 notes Six video lessons. (83.3 %) 2020-06-17 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
6 Week 2 notes Five video lessons. (100 %) 2020-06-29 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
7 Week 3 notes Four video lessons. (100 %) 2020-07-06 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
8 Week 4 notes Four video lessons. (100 %) 2020-07-13 file-pdf.png 2021-05-18
info.png Coursera is the school service for Stanford University.