About Awwshop

by George Frias
Created: 2019-10-22 | Updated: 2022-01-17

info.png Awwshop stands for A web workshop.
  1. About the website - What this website is meant to be.
  2. Background - More about myself and the work here.
  3. Milestones - Great things along the way.

About the website

This website is about all of the programming that I do, so that means the additions here are my methods for creating digital things.

Awwshop @ Wikidot is considered an education account, so I receive some freebies. Thank you Wikidot.


My name is George and I'm the only person contributing to this website. For more about me, check out my autobiography.


2019 October - Apex website for learning about software manufacturing created.

2021 March - Awwshop.com instituted as website URL.