The software products created by Awwshop and provided by Gyrospring are for Windows 10. The products are meant to help with getting things done and are the basis for learning about software manufacturing at this site.
Find materials for doing more with the software from this website in the creative section.


The Computer and Backend sections were first created as a section named Microsoft, something still being worked out.

Also, FunBoots and Wiki1978 are moving here. FunBoots will close and Wiki1978 will become my how to on GitHub.

If I may show you my flow programming, train your focus on project. My reality points me to a computer, frontend, or backend project, and that just happens to be what you will find below.

1. Operations: Checklists

2. Fundamentals: Distribution, Scaling
This section should refresh the basics and give instant insight to new visitors about what exactly is going on here.

3. Frontend: HTML, CSS / SCSS, JavaScript, Checklist, Project, Layout, Library
Frontend programming creates a website product that is made with Visual Studio Code. It's a specialized skill in web design that does not require Visual Studio or a project mounting based in a backend programming project.

The end product in frontend programming is a website, which I might add can easily interact with the data from a backend programming project. The confusion here is sticking to the simplicity in it, it runs on 99% of web servers and needs nothing else except for visitors and their browsers.

4. Computer
I create software for Windows. I haven't signed any of it with encryption technology because I've been doing this since 2005 to find employment, not earn an income, and it's 2020. Surprisingly, this still has got me nowhere, so maybe my frontend work will pay for this to go further. On a side note, this is my favorite type of programming.

5. Backend