Welcome to A web workshop

info.png Supporting software manufacturing on Windows.
  1. Graphics - Images primarily used for buttons, links, accents, and bullets.
  2. Photos - Resources that easily bring a lifelike (realism) quality to anything.
  3. Fonts - For websites, word processing documents, and software.
  4. Sound - Enhance an experience with sound(s).
  5. Video - Create videos without filming anything.
  6. Programming - A number of resources that are useful.


Service name Link
Free SVG link-graphic.png
Pixabay link-graphic.png
Public Domain Vectors link-graphic.png
SVG Silhouette link-graphic.png
Transparent Textures link-graphic.png


Service name Link
Pexels link-photo.png
Pixabay link-photo.png
PIXNIO link-photo.png
Public Domain Archive link-photo.png
Public Domain Pictures link-photo.png
Unsplash link-photo.png


Service name Hosted CC0 Link
1 List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows N/A indicator-no.png link-font.png
2 iOS Fonts N/A indicator-no.png link-font.png
3 FontStruct indicator-no.png indicator-yes.png link-font.png


Service name Link
Audio Library link-sound.png
Freesound link-sound.png


Service name Link
Coverr link-video.png
Pexels link-video.png
Pixabay link-video.png


Service name Link
Base64 Image Encoder link-programming.png
Code Converter link-programming.png
ColorHexa link-programming.png
Paper Sizes link-programming.png
RegExLib link-programming.png
Response Viewer link-programming.png
Time and Date link-programming.png