Backend programming and computer programming for Visual Studio Community is under Microsoft, and frontend programming for Visual Studio Code is under AWWshop. Find instruction at the Programming languages page.

My goal here is to organize programming technically, instead of by interest, like it is at FunBoots. Everything that I program is created with a Microsoft product, and I enhance it using free graphics software. See graphics and more at the Utensils page.

My favorite coding places: VB WPF and VS Code. My current modernization plan insights show me that what I'm doing/coding will continue working for an 8inch tablet and desktop computers, so that's good. The state of VB does not exist in UWP or MVC or WPF. Using WPF gives me the freedom to run my own software update system with an ad service that relies on Windows computing skills to upgrade. My goal is to one day offer paid store software as an alternative to the free one. I think I may be capable of releasing something at the Visual Studio Marketplace but I could be wrong about that.

Internet Search, Markdown, and Password Wizard are my go-to computing creations.

For VSCode: Light+ Tweaked
Picture of two satellites.
Picture of a space walk.
Picture of the space station.
VBscript to change your desktop wallpaper everyday...
Printers on eBay
Windows computers on eBay
Happy birthday card.
Popmotion Pure


Frontend programming is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and can easily be created using a Microsoft software project


Computer and backend programming includes using the Community edition of Microsoft Visual Studio, a pay for software eventuality

Follow the light pattern game