The software products created by Awwshop and provided by Gyrospring are for Windows 10. The products are meant to help with getting things done and are the basis for learning about software manufacturing at this site.
Find materials for doing more with the software from this website in the creative section.


Service name Link
Pixabay link-graphic.png
Public Domain Vectors link-graphic.png
SVG Silhouette link-graphic.png
Transparent Textures link-graphic.png


Service name Link
Pixabay link-photo.png
PIXNIO link-photo.png
Public Domain Archive link-photo.png
Public Domain Pictures link-photo.png
Unsplash link-photo.png


Service name Hosted CC0 Link
1 Google Fonts indicator-yes.png indicator-no.png link-font.png
2 FontStruct indicator-no.png indicator-yes.png link-font.png
3 Font Library indicator-no.png indicator-yes.png link-font.png
4 Public Domain Files indicator-no.png indicator-yes.png link-font.png


Service name Link
Audio Library link-sound.png
Freesound link-sound.png


Service name Link
Coverr link-video.png
Pixabay link-video.png


Service name Link
Base64 Image Encoder link-programming.png
Code Converter link-programming.png
ColorHexa link-programming.png
Paper Sizes link-programming.png
RegExLib link-programming.png
Response Viewer link-programming.png
Time and Date link-programming.png